A partnership with PushCo International ensures access to the India’s best food distribution network - keeping you stocked with fresh quality products directly sourced from the local farmers.

Indian Basmati Rice

The King of Rice, Indian Basmati Rice has gained its popularity over the last few decades around the world. Famous for its aroma and long grain basmati rice is one of the liked cuisines for Indians. It is aged for months at a stretch to achieve world-famous aroma, taste and length after cooking.

Basmati Rice is grown in the Himalayan Region of India – Karnal, Haryana is one of the biggest trading hubs of Basmati Rice. Pushco International is located right in the middle of Karnal, Haryana from where the Basmati rice is exported worldwide.

Pushco International is the supplier of authentic Indian basmati rice in the form of Brown, Raw, Steam, Sella/ Parboiled & Golden Sella Rice worldwide.

Rice we offer to our clients is rich in taste, processed hygienically and packed with international quality standards. Our rice is not only known for its aroma  but also for its nutritional value.


Authentic Indian Spices

The aroma and taste of Indian spices are popular worldwide. Spices and herbs such as black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom have been used by the Indians for both culinary and health benefits.

India is the world’s biggest producer, consumer and exporter of spices around the world. India. Out of 109 commonly consumed spices and herbs, 75 comes from different part of the India.

The demand for Indian spices has grown in recent past years during the covid-22 pandemic. During the year 2022, Pushco International has emerged as one of the key players in exporting authentic Indian spices around the world.

We at Pushco, have a hand-picked team of farmers who uses all the traditional method of farming. We are a supplier of turmeric, ginger, Star anise, Cinnamon, cumin, black pepper and more. We take care from packaging to shipping to your doorstep.


Kashmiri Mogra Saffron

Kashmiri Mogra Saffron aka Kashmiri Kesar is the sweetest, most expensive spice in the world. Most of Kashmir’s saffron is grown in the areas of Pampore, south of the state’s summer capital Srinagar.

Mogra Saffron is the stigma of the saffron flower, called “Crocus Stiva. During the month of April, the farmers start preparing for the crop. Because it is generally grown in hilly areas, Kashmiri Saffron is free from any pesticides or chemicals.

Kashmiri Saffron/Kesar has to compete with Iranian Saffron which accounts for more than 90% of the world’s saffron production. However when it comes to quality, purity and flavouring Kashmiri Saffron clearly emerges as a winner.

Saffron from Pushco International house is warranted to be a 100% pure and natural product and is free from any foreign matter sourced directly from the farmers of Kashmir, India.


Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

In today’s world, a customer expects a constant supply of fresh vegetables and fruits around the year. Bringing this perishable fresh produce from the farm to the final destination in perfect condition is a challenge.

With the help of local farmers from north to south to east to west and our trusted suppliers. We at Pushco International guarantee our clients to deliver fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables to your doorstep on time.

Not only do we focus on the farm’s produce but also on the packaging.  All our fresh fruits and vegetables are produced in clean conditions and are handpicked.

They are naturally produced without the use of any harmful pesticides and synthetic concoctions. We follow rigorous quality tests and the highest quality standards which all our products must meet so our clients/customers can be assured.