The PUSHCO Story

We PUSHCO International promises to deliver all the quality ingredients for a healthy meal delivered straight to your kitchen.

WE ARE World's Food supplier

PushCo International – Embark on a venture where each grain of rice tells a tale, every aroma weaves a narrative of tradition, and every trade blossoms into global harmony and ethical sustenance.

🌾 Imbuing Spirit into Basmati
Nestled within the bountiful landscapes of Karnal, Haryana, Pushco International Pvt. Ltd. emerges as a stalwart of authentic Indian Basmati Rice. Our mission transcends beyond providing a staple; we curate an exquisite, high-quality culinary experience that traverses borders, enveloping the rich, authentic taste and aroma of Indian Basmati Rice and presenting it to the world.

🌟 Wisdom in Trade & Expanse
Navigating through the global markets with a wisdom that seeks beyond horizons and a dynamic approach that finds vigour in every opportunity, our trade practices and product offerings are crafted to resonate with principles that nurture both sustenance and prosperity. Our offerings, particularly our Basmati rice, are celebrated across the globe for their premium quality, captivating aroma, and the true, unadulterated taste of India.

🌱 Cultivating Authenticity & Quality
Our Basmati Rice is more than a culinary component; it’s a fragrant testament to Indian agricultural heritage, meticulously sown and nurtured with utmost care and tradition. Every grain is a symbol of quality, authenticity, and the rich, agrarian legacy of India.

🌎 Weaving Narratives Across Continents
We aspire to spin a global narrative that transcends conventional trade boundaries. At Pushco International, every exchange, partnership, and shipment is a step towards creating a global community that harmonizes traditions and ethical practices, ensuring the spirit of Indian Basmati rice is cherished and celebrated on every international table.

🤝 Fostering Symbiotic Partnerships
Our partnerships go beyond commercial transactions, transforming into a union of shared values, ethics, and mutual appreciation for quality and tradition. Our relationships reflect our commitment to uphold and elevate the global stature of Indian Basmati Rice, interlinking cultures and communities through ethical trade.

🚀 Embarking on a Culinary Expedition
Join us on a journey where each grain of our Basmati Rice transforms into a narrative of tradition, a commitment to quality, and a beacon of ethical trade, interconnecting cultures and crafting a realm of global culinary harmony.

Pushco International Pvt. Ltd. invites you to partake in a journey that doesn’t merely celebrate but sustains and shares the rich, aromatic legacy of Indian Basmati Rice with the world.

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PushCo Success Timeline


Started Ecommerce Business

With a promise of providing quality food products to our customers, we entered into the e-commerce market.


Expanded Internationally

The sucess we tasted in domestic e-commerce has encouraged us to expand in the international market.


Exported First Onion Shipment

During the covid-19 we took the opportunity to become world's food supplier and delivered shipment.


Tied up with the farmers

Growing with suppliers and farmers has it's own taste. In 2022 we tied up with the farmers across the country.

Our dream team

Each team remember is amazing with their own talents and strength, every team member is like a secret ingredient but together they become a perfect delicious recipe.

Our Certificates

Quality standards is the most crucial part of our company. We have partnered with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and other exports council.